We break the cycle of recidivism by giving offenders the tools to change their character to be more like Christ at every stage of their journey.

We all know the justice system is broken, but what can we do to help people recover and not re-offend? At Genesis One, we have developed an innovative program to bring transformative change to prisons across Oklahoma. But it doesn't stop when offenders leave prison! We provide monthly potlucks that serve as an avenue of encouragement and accountability for people rebuilding their lives.

While we provide people with new positive habits, attitudes, systems, and support, as well as the people they need to be successful, other crucial pieces are involved. The offender has to commit themselves to making a change; God has to make a change in their heart, and we need partners to help facilitate these programs and ongoing life changes.

Ultimately, people will leave prison every day. Whether or not they go with the skills and support to succeed outside prison is up to us. Will you be a part of the solution in the lives of Oklahoma offenders?

How We Help

Facility programs

We visit prison facilities across the state and deliver an impactful program that teaches offenders a new way of life; one centered around striving to be like Christ.

Support after release

To support successful reentry into society after incarceration, we connect members to mentors, jobs, and other support networks so they can rebuild their lives on a solid foundation.

Real life change

Genesis One supports offenders at every step of their journey, from release to fully restoring their rights, witnessing the incredible changes in their lives.

Our founder

In March 1990, John Easley and his wife founded Trails End Corporation, dba Genesis One, a 501c(3) entity. At church one day, John spoke to an offender struggling to find a job after getting out of prison. As he mentored and coached this young man, John saw firsthand how difficult it is for offenders to reenter society, even those who had legitimate life changes as a result of their time in prison. So, John did something about it! He created a grant program that helped get law-abiding offenders to work. Then, he made the Genesis One Network program to aid more offenders in becoming upstanding members of society.

John handed the reins to a passionate executive team that is passionate about continuing the work of Genesis One. What we do looks a little different now, but the core is the same. We believe in second chances, we believe in strengthening individuals, and we believe in reuniting families. We aim to help offenders maintain a healthy, productive, and spiritually rewarding life upon re-entry into society.

Genesis one volunteer

What does our program do?

Genesis One is a Christian, faith-based organization whose chapter membership is open to any offender regardless of race, age, gender, or religious preference. However, offenders must accept God before continuing in the program.

Genesis One (G1) works with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to break the destructive cycle of recidivism by offering a transformative approach to addressing the problem. This strategy is anchored in personal development and community support. Our vision is to reduce failure and increase opportunities so offenders can successfully and effectively assimilate into society as productive, law-abiding citizens. We achieve this through both pre- and post-release programs.

Chapters are established throughout the state within participating facilities that utilize the available resources offered by the Department of Corrections. For example, several programs presented at participating facilities include educational opportunities in literacy, adult primary education, GED, and vocational instruction. These facilities also provide instruction on anger management, the Thinking for a Change program, drug and alcohol recovery support groups, and existing volunteer ministries that support several faith-based classes. Each new member is assisted in developing a customized Life Plan using existing resources to fulfill their needs. A leadership team includes offenders, the facility chaplain, and a Genesis One chapter volunteer sponsor.

This process changes lives. By having a community of believers working together to hold each other accountable, attitudes improve. Instead of handling high-stress situations with anger, violence, drug or alcohol use, or other negative behaviors, members learn to think before they act. They can shed their old ways for the Lord's ways.

How to get involved

Reach out

Fill out our form to contact the team, and we will reach out to you.

Find a role

After a conversation, we find the perfect spot for you to make a difference in someone's life.

Make a difference

Once you begin serving in your unique way, you will witness a magnificent life change firsthand.

What We Do

"Loving thy neighbor" can mean partnering with an offender to demonstrate to the world their new identity as a follower of Jesus. Reach out today if you want to help fellow Oklahomans become productive and contributing members of society.